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You can battery operate these devices anywhere by anyone online or offline, village or city! Most importantly, you know instantly the product manufacturer, batch number and whether your product has expired or not.

Your product has a unique identification number approved by NAFDAC and all the regulatory bodies where needed. All of this authentication and verification is done before you pay for any products.

You can even double check independently on your NFC- enabled smartphone using our unique application in a matter of seconds at no cost to you, the patient or consumer. Let’s save one life today. It’s worth every effort.

Welcome to Verifinc Authentication Center.

Please ENJOY this Instant Verification process after you enter your product VUID(Verifinc Unique IDentification) and the product PASSCODE obtained from:
. The online product index page,
. Your Verifinc App on Google Play
. Your Store front App Reading
. Your Store front Traytesta or other Verifinc device

Questions or Comments please call us at 1-800-211-0804


  • Inventory Management
  • Track and Trace
  • GPS / RFID / Cargo Tracking
  • Document Verification

We have the answer!

Allow Verifinc to make a difference in your life and business. As threats of counterfeiting grow increasingly sophisticated, it’s important to protect yourself and your business today.

For more information, please contact Verifinc Corporation at 1-800-211-0804.

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